bjm 0006

The best solution combining technology and innovation in hyperextension braces 


Minimal mobilization in patients with painful symptoms. 

Extreme ease of adjustment and application for the technician thanks to its hyper modularity, also reducing hospitalisation times.

Thanks to its great ergonomics and technical features, it combines the qualities of a modular hyperextensor with those of a real custom-made spinal brace


  • Fractures and outcomes of dorsal and/or lumbar fractures on an osteoporotic and/or metastatic basis
  • Post-traumatic fractures
  • Sipnal collapses
  • Osteomalacia fractures
  • Back lumbar arthrosis
  • SpondilitiSpondylites
  • Postural imbalances on both the sagittal and frontal plane due to scoliosis and/or hyperciphosis
  • Immobilization after surgical stabilization


Made largely of light aluminium alloy, it allows good patient tolerability.

More tolerable in patients with respiratory distress thanks to the elimination of the sternal thrust, replaced by an under-breast thoracic grip (which guarantees solidity on the frontal plane of the structure) and by the height-adjustable axillary, antero-posterior and tilting axillae, which provide the three-point effect.

Remarkable discharge of the rachis thanks to the grips on the anatomical iliac crests in flexible material, adjustable in antero-posterior and tilting to support the inclination of the pelvis.

Thanks to the second traction at dorsal level and to the wide rear plate it is able to give an excellent hold of the high thoracic tract. In addition, the dorsal plate is fully adjustable with quick removal of the light alloy paravertebral reinforcement rods, practical to shape and position.

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